South Auburn Vet Hospital

307 Sacramento Street
Auburn, CA 95603



Please call Animal Medical Center (530) 823-5166 if you have an emergency, or think your pet may need emergency care.  Waiting too long may threaten your pet's life.

Emergency Symptoms

  *Trouble breathing, or ceased breathing
  *Swollen muzzle (face)
  *Excessive vomiting
  *Excessive diarrhea
  *Inability to go to the bathroom
  *Extreme lethargy
  *Extreme pain or inability to move
  *Anything else uncharacteristic of your pet

If you suspect your pet may have gotten into anything that could harm them (i.e. antifreeze, rat poison, prescription drugs, etc.) please bring the bottle/box or as much information you can get from the product to the emergency appointment.  This will help the doctor in determining the best course of action for treating your pet.